A chilly breeze has returned to the air as we celebrate the return of our winter sports! Let's check in on how our clubs and teams have been doing as we go around the grounds.


Round one kicked off for the UNSW-ES Bulldogs on the weekend and it was a very happy one for the Women's Premier Division team. After an incredibly tough 2020 season, they were delighted to open their account with a win over Pennant Hills on Saturday. UNSW Elite Athlete Program member Jade Jarrett was instrumental in the win, kicking an instrumental goal. The Bulldogs got off to a very strong start and were able to hang on to their lead throughout the match. The Men's Premier Division team also got their season off to a great start, winning their own game against Pennant Hills. Captain-coach and UNSW Elite Athlete Program member Dean Towers kicked two goals in the win, while 2020 UNSW Blues recipient Brandon Jack was named as one of the team's best players.

UNSW-ES women's team carrying a player on their shoulders
The Women's Premier Division team had a brilliant start to season 2021. Photo: UNSW-ES Bulldogs

Full results
Women's Premier Division: UNSW-ES Bulldogs defeated Pennant Hills Demons 5.4 (34) to 3.6 (24)
Men's Premier Division: UNSW-ES Bulldogs defeated Pennant Hills Demons 13.9 (87) to 5.3 (33)
Men's Premier Division Reserves: UNSW-ES Bulldogs defeated Pennant Hills Demons 6.5 (41) to 6.4 (40)
Men's Division 1: UNSW-ES Bulldogs lost to Pennant Hills Demons 9.8 (62) to 9.11 (65)
Women's Division 2: UNSW-ES Bulldogs lost to Inner West Magpies 1.1 (7) to 7.9 (51)
Men's Division 3: UNSW-ES Bulldogs lost to Inner West Magpies 7.8 (50) to 9.7 (61)
Men's Under 19 Division 1: UNSW-ES Bulldogs defeated Pennant Hills Demons 11.19 (85) to 2.3 (15)


With Women's Metro League 1 and 2 enjoying a bye round last weekend, it was up to the Metro League 3 women to fly the flag for UNSW. They did a brilliant job, defeating Glebe, with Natalie Sutton and Emma McErlean scoring goals to seal the win. The Men's Premier League 1 team also had a huge win, defeating Manly-GNS with Josh Gregory and Daine Richards piling on the goals for UNSW.

Hockey player about to hit the ball
All UNSW teams that played last weekend came away with a significant win. Photo: UNSW Hockey Club

Full results
Men's Premier League 1: UNSW defeated Manly-GNS 5-0
Men's Premier League 2: UNSW defeated Manly-GNS 4-0
Women's Metro League 3: UNSW defeated Glebe 2-0
Men's Premier League 3: UNSW defeated Manly-GNS 9-0
Women's Metro League 5: UNSW defeated Glebe 4-1