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Gridiron ball on grass field
With some sports getting out to play over the weekend and others with return dates locked in, we check in on our athletes and clubs to see how the return to competition is progressing
UNSW-ES Bulldogs Women's Premier Team with their premiership trophy
While the world is currently working on addressing and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, women and girls must be both participants and leaders in this process, so their gains are not lost, and a better future for all becomes a reality, says UN Women
Tennis ball on clay court
R U OK? has launched a campaign to equip community coaches with resources and tips to ensure all members of their sporting community feel safe and supported.
2019 UNSW Blues and Sport Awards
Due to the recent restrictions to non-essential gatherings and events, UNSW Sport has been advised by the University's senior management to postpone the 2020 Blues and Sports Awards Dinner