Susie Douglas
First name

Hi I’m Susie and I do athletics, mostly sprints and hurdles. I’m studying Exercise Physiology. I chose UNSW because I really like the course here. It seemed to suit me best. I like that’s sport-focussed and allows me to study medicine and sport at the same time – I think UNSW do that best.

I really want to get a better understanding of how the body works – hopefully it’ll impact my athletics and I can make the two work together. I’m hoping to study Medicine after that, but if not, Exercise Physiology will be great to work in as well.

I’ve always found I don’t excel when I focus on one thing. I need to study and do my sport at the same time. They help each other I’ve found. So I think focussing on sport as well as studying will make my athletics and uni results better. My main challenge is going to be distance – I train pretty far away, about two hours from here, so I need to make sure I use my time well, try to make sure I study in those few hours I have spare.

In the long term in my sport I’d like to see if I can make Comm Games one day and World Champs – they’re kind of the same qualifying time. And hopefully in the next four years I can make World Uni Games and represent Australia, that’d be nice!