Max Balard
Football / Soccer
First name

My name’s Maximilien Balard and I play football / soccer. I’m studying a double degree in Economics and Commerce here at the Business School. UNSW is one of the best unis in Australia and I always try to aim for the best. It’s an amazing campus and I’m loving it so far.

I chose to study economics and commerce after figuring out at school that I was pretty good at those subjects. It’s one of my passions also – dealing with money and seeing how markets work. Things like that really get me going and so I’m quite happy to study commerce! Career-wise I think I’d like to be an investment banker, or even combine it with football and see if I can manage. Because football is so heavily influenced by money and markets and how much players cost, so I think maybe I can make a career in football through commerce as well as playing.

Studying while I play sport is important to me because it gets my mind off football from time to time. It gets me away from training, it means I can calm down and get work done – study hard and then get back to football! It gives me a good balance. My biggest challenge will probably be the travel – getting between football and uni. But I’ve done that through the HSC and my schooling career, so I think I’ll be pretty all right.

My main goal in football is to become a professional footballer, first in Australia and then potentially move to Europe if I can. I’d love to have a career in Europe because that’s where the best football is.