Julia Bradley
First name

I’m Julia Bradley and I play hockey. I’m studying psychological science here at UNSW.

I’ve played hockey for the uni club since I moved back from America and I’ve always liked the atmosphere here and always thought it was a good uni – I’ve always wanted to come here.

I’ve always found psychology really interesting and it was something I really wanted to look into doing later on. I’d really like to get into clinical psychology or into the research side of things. I think a balance in life is really important and studying provides that balance for me with my sport. It’s always good to have a back up if sport doesn’t work out and there’s going to be a limit on how long you can play for as well.

I think the biggest challenge I think I’m going to face with balancing sport and study will be time. But I think during the HSC you kind of figure out those time management skills.

My main sporting goal at the moment is making it to the Junior World Cup in a couple of years. And I guess just moving up the ranks and keep improving and then hopefully make it into the Hockeyroos one day!