High performance sport has a long and successful history at UNSW. Our sports program has allowed us to attract and retain some of the best and brightest student athletes, and it also creates a sense of pride in the UNSW name through the celebration of student and alumni success.

Applications for the 2021 Sports Scholarships are open from 1 July -  30 November 2020. Below are the details on the sports scholarships on offer at UNSW. All scholarships require the same application form to be completed - follow the directions below and click the link to the right to apply.

Ben Lexcen Scholarship

The Ben Lexcen Sports Scholarship is the premier elite athlete sports scholarship, it is for current UNSW students with an outstanding ability in sport. The scholarship aims to enable the scholar to continue to excel at their sport while also supporting their academic endeavours as well as promoting the development of well-rounded future leaders. It is awarded on elite athlete merit, leadership qualities and potential to contribute to the UNSW community.

Meet some of our current Lexcens

Indigenous Elite Athlete Scholarship

Premier elite athlete sporting scholarship at UNSW for indigenous student athletes. Awarded on elite athlete merit, leadership qualities and potential to contribute to the UNSW community. Applicants must identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

Elite Athlete Program Scholarship

Targeted at elite athletes who are still progressing along their pathway to top level selection. Awarded on elite athlete merit and potential to represent UNSW at University Nationals and other competitions.

High Performance Club Scholarship

Specifically for athletes in AFL, judo, water polo, hockey, football (soccer) and cricket who play for the UNSW High Performance Clubs. Awarded on elite athlete merit and value to each High Performance Club.

Randwick Rugby / St Hillier's Scholarship

Specifically for rugby players representing community partner Randwick Rugby Club. Awarded on elite athlete merit and value to Randwick Rugby Club.

Bill Jameson Football Scholarship

Specifically for football (soccer) players representing UNSW Football Club. Awarded on elite athlete merit and value to UNSW Football Club.

Mark Dorrity Athletics Scholarship

Specifically for track and field athletes representing UNSW Athletics Club. Awarded on athletic merit, club contribution and value to UNSW Athletics Club.

Sam Cracknell Memorial Scholarship

Targeted at athletes who are strong contributors to running their UNSW sports club or strong contributors to UNSW sport overall - both on and off the field.

How to apply

1)    To apply for a sport scholarship at UNSW you first need to register on the scholarships website
        a.    If you’re a current school leave – register using your UAC number 
        b.    If you’re a current UNSW student, use your student I.D. and set up your scholarship profile which will allow you to apply for various scholarships whilst enrolled at UNSW.

Important: When setting up your profile do not forget to tick that you are interested in scholarships for sporting ability.

If you are from a rural or remote area, we recommend that you also search for  accommodation scholarships and other faculty scholarships applicable to rural and remote students. Similarly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student athletes, please search for additional scholarships that you may be eligible for.

UNSW offers a range Equity scholarships to support students who are experiencing educational disadvantages. You will need to submit an Equity Scholarship application to UAC to be considered for Equity Scholarships at UNSW. The UAC website lists the different disadvantages and attributes, as well as the supporting documents you will need to provide to support your application.

Applications for the 2020-2021 UAC Admissions period are now open. By submitting an application you can continue to be considered for any available UNSW Equity Scholarships for which you’re eligible from now until March 2021. Please refer to the UAC Equity Scholarship website for more information, including how to apply and key application dates.

(1) Academic Supporting Documents

High School Leaver

Latest Year 12 School Report

  • ATAR or IB Result (or equivalent) if applicable
  • Other Certification

First Year Undergraduate Students

  • Final Year 12 School Report
  • ATAR or IB result (or equivalent)

 (2) Other Supporting Documents - Leadership / Extra-Curricular Activities

Evidence supporting your leadership/extra-curricular involvement. Examples include:

  • Reference Letters from sporting club or coach or high school coach or head of sport.
  • Awards/Certificates

Important: Please check the details of each scholarship for any other documentation that might be required. Supporting documents need to be uploaded as one PDF file. 

Remember: Along with your supporting documents you will need to answer all scholarship application questions to the best of your ability giving examples where requested. Do not forget to submit when finalised.,

Elite Athlete, Performers and Leaders Program Adjustment Factors:

If you are a school leaver you may also be eligible for EAPL adjustment factors under our Elite Athlete, Performers and Leaders Program. The adjustment factors may help you gain entry to your preferred UNSW program of study.  To apply this  requires a separate application, and these applications will open in August and close on 30th November . To find out more and apply, please visit the adjustment factors webpage.

When do UNSW Sport Scholarship Applications Open and Close for 2021? 

Applications for UNSW Sport Scholarships will open on Wednesday July 1 and close on Monday November 30 at 11:59pm (AEDST). 

With some sporting seasons disrupted during 2020, will I have the opportunity to address how I have been impacted in my application? 

We understand that due to the impacts of COVID-19 that in some instances it has reduced the opportunity for scholarship applicants to compete at an elite level in 2020. There will be an opportunity on the scholarship application form to outline if and how you believe that you have been impacted in your training and competing in elite sporting competitions during 2020. Applicants are encouraged to also include sporting achievements in 2019 that the selection committee will take into consideration when reviewing applications. 

When will applicants be notified of the outcome of their application? 

All applicants will be notified if they have been successful or unsuccessful in January 2021. 

If I am successful in being awarded a UNSW Sport Scholarship, how will I receive the financial component? 

Scholarship recipients will have payment made to their nominated bank account. Payments are made in fortnightly instalments throughout the academic year. Payments are paid pro rata based on a student’s study load. If a student is studying a full-time study load, they will receive full payment. If a student is studying a part-time study load, they will receive a reduced payment. 

What is considered Full-Time Study load? 

Full-time study load is studying a minimum of six subjects spread across the three academic Terms. 

Is my Sport Scholarship application the same as my application for Elite Athlete, Performers and Leaders (EAPL) Adjustment Factors? 

No. These are two separate applications and are reviewed by separate review committees. 

For more information on Elite Athlete, Performers & Leaders (EAPL) Program please visit the Future Students website.

If I am unsuccessful in receiving a UNSW Sport Scholarship, is there still an opportunity to be part of the UNSW Elite Athlete Program (EAP)? 

Yes. Successful Scholarship applicants will automatically be included on the UNSW Elite Athlete Program. However, non-scholarship students can separately apply for the UNSW Elite Athlete Program.

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Current Ben Lexcen Scholars
Hi, I’m Matilda McDonell and I play netball. I’m studying a Bachelor of Laws and Psychology (Honours) at UNSW.
Hi I’m Susie and I do athletics, mostly sprints and hurdles. I’m studying Exercise Physiology.
I’m Julia Bradley and I play hockey. I’m studying psychological science here at UNSW.

My name’s Maximilien Balard and I play football / soccer. I’m studying a double degree in Economics and Commerce here at the Business School.