2019 Blues dinner
The Blues and Sport Awards Dinner is UNSW Sport's night of nights - don't miss out on this bumper edition!

With last year's awards unable to take place, there are plenty of awards to give out and even more reasons to celebrate. Don't forget to buy your tickets to the event on 12 March now so you don't miss the fun! Wthout further ado, here are your 2020-21 Blues winners and Sport Award nominees!

Blues Award Winners

Harrison Annear (AFL)
Brandon Jack (AFL)
Jared Deep (AFL)
Zac Cameron (AFL)
Ben Quinn (Athletics)
Georgia Winkcup (Athletics) 
Jessica Thornton (Athletics)
Hannah Ryan (Basketball) 
Madeleine Cox (Basketball)
Carly Leeson (Cricket)
Sean Andrews (Fencing)
Lee Davis (Hockey)
James Ramm (Rugby Union)
Henry Hutchison (Rugby Union)
Mitchell Evans (Sailing)
Jessica Grimes (Sailing)
Nicholas Rozenauers (Sailing)
Tom Grimes (Sailing)
Lucy Copeland (Sailing)
Jack Adams (Snow Sports)
Zoe Spanos (Snow Sports)
Kasha Wojcik (Snow Sports)
Claire Rocuet (Underwater Rugby)
Amy Ridge (Water Polo)
Meggie Ridge (Water Polo)
Jean-Luc Poidevin (Water Polo)

Doug Crawford Sports Recognition Award Winners

Stevie Ray (AFL)
Craig Davis (Arc)
Greg Livingstone (Cricket)
Glen Greenberg (Cricket)
Phil McDermott (Judo)
Chris Byrnes (Rowing)
Stephanie Hart (Rowing)
Andrew Walsh (Rugby Union)
Nick Sykes (Rugby Union)
David Davis (Rugby Union)
Elizabeth Dowding (Taekwondo)
Celine Steinfeld (Underwater Rugby)
Phil de Gail (Water Polo)
Katie Sverchek (Water Polo)

2019 Sport Award Nominees

Male Student Athlete of the Year

  • Alex Fitzsimmons (Ice Skating)
  • Max Balard (Football)
  • Tim Brand (Hockey)
  • Nathan Power (Water Polo)
  • Jack Adams (Snow Sports)

Female Student Athlete of the Year

  • Matilda McDonell (Netball)
  • Claire Rocuet (Underwater Rugby)
  • Georgia Winkcup (Athletics)
  • Amy Ridge (Water Polo)
  • Tait Mackrill (AFL)

Indigenous Sports Award

  • Tyson Davis (NSW Touch)
  • Tanisha Stanton (NSW Netball and Australian Rugby 7s)
  • Triston Reilly (NSW Waratahs - Super Rugby)
  • Jayden Kitchener-Waters (Randwick Rugby)

Coach of the Year

  • Corey Richards (Cricket)
  • Dean Towers (AFL)
  • Andrew Yanitsas (Water Polo)
  • Carlos Guillermo Ledezma (Underwater Rugby)
  • Ivica Pavlinic (Judo)
  • Noori Chong (Taekwondo)

Team of the Year

  • UNSW Blues (Netball)
  • UNSW Dolphins (Netball)
  • UNSW Snow Sports Nationals team
  • UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs Premier Division Men (AFL)
  • UNSW Taekwondo Nationals team
  • UNSW-Wests Magpies (Water Polo)

Club of the Year

  • UNSW Netball Club
  • UNSW Handball Club
  • UNSW Underwater Rugby Club
  • UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs AFL Club
  • UNSW Raiders Gridiron Club
  • UNSW Outdoors Club

Administrator of the Year

  • Maria Lastra Cagigas (Outdoors)
  • Keira Nightingale (Netball)
  • John Morrison (Rugby Union)
  • Jacky Yu (Taido)
  • Ellen Rowles (Waterski & Wakeboard)

Academic Excellence Award

  • Danni Ovens (Cheer)
  • Madeleine Cox (Basketball)
  • Alex Fitzsimmons (Ice Skating)
  • Russell Packer (Rugby League)
  • Chris Huang (Taekwondo)
  • Max Balard (Football)

Community Sport Award

  • Keira Nightingale - UNSW Netball Club
  • UNSW Judo Club
  • UNSW Outdoors Club

2020 Sport Award Nominations

Alex Blackwell Award

  • Miranda Jordan (Outdoors)
  • Jenny Stansby (Outdoors)
  • Maria Lastra Cagigas (Outdoors)
  • Miriam Abd Elmesseh (Taekwondo)
  • Ellen Rowles (Waterski & Wakeboard)
  • Keira Nightingale (Netball)

Club / Team of the Year

  • UNSW Outdoors Club
  • UNSW Rowing Club
  • UNSW Taekwondo Club
  • UNSW Hockey Club
  • UNSW Netball Club
  • UNSW Netball A1 Seis

Male Student Athlete of the Year

  • Ned Hanigan (Rugby Union - NSW Waratahs & Australian Wallabies)
  • James Rowbottom (AFL - Sydney Swans)
  • Dylan Martin (Hockey - UNSW & Australian Kookaburras)
  • James Ramm (Rugby Union - NSW Waratahs)

Female Student Athlete of the Year

  • Shay Evans (Football - Sydney FC)
  • Matilda McDonell (Netball - UNSW & Giants Netball)
  • Jenny Stansby (UNSW Outdoors Club)
  • Ellen Rowles (UNSW Wakeboard & Waterski Club)