About me

Started at UNSW: 2011

Main responsibilities with UNSW Sport: 

- Ensure UNSW Sport has a strong profile locally, nationally and internationally, through building strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders

- Through these relationships enable the full suite of sport related services to be accessible and available across the maximum number of UNSW students, alumni and staff.  

- Drive the delivery and activation of the UNSW Sports Strategy’s three key strategic objectives: increasing student participation in physical activity; supporting excellence and strengthening partnerships.  

Skills: Relationship management, experience in successfully leading change, building a cohesive team, operational and resource planning, a demonstrable understanding of current issues facing today's students.

Professional background:

I have 35 years experience in community engagement and external relations management, consolidated by further experience in hospitality management of multi-site venues within the higher education and sport industries. Supported by a Foundation Degree in Hospitality Management.

Most enjoyable part of working for UNSW Sport: 

Successfully delivering a sports strategy project.

Hobbies outside of sport: Fishing on the Wallis lake, travelling, cruising!

Favourite athletes: Only one…Roger Federer.

Favourite teams: South Sydney Rabbitohs, Leeds United.

Something you might not know about me: I suffer with colour blind infliction and in her twenties my Mum was ranked No. 2 Swiss women’s tennis player!