About me

Started at UNSW: A very long time ago!

Main responsibilities with UNSW Sport: Supporting our UNSW student athletes to enable them to continue to perform at an elite level in their sport while also completing their university degree. We have a number of student athletes who travel overseas regularly with their sport and some who are located interstate and I work with the faculty staff to ensure they are not disadvantaged because they cannot attend classes. I also work with our clubs in regards to recruiting student athletes and I oversee the sports scholarship program.

Skills: Relationship building, university sport experience

Professional background: I have been in University Sport for nearly 20 years and prior to that the Public Service.

Most enjoyable part of working for UNSW Sport: Meeting all the fabulous people involved with our clubs and seeing our athletes and teams do well in all levels of competition. The camaraderie and team spirit within UNSW teams is phenomenal as is the selfless work of countless volunteers who run the various clubs.

Hobbies outside of sport: I enjoy going to the movies and having coffee with friends 

Favourite athletes: Alex Blackwell, Prue Watt, Scott Kneller, Nick Smith, Jessi Miley-Dyer

Favourite teams: Swans and all UNSW Sports teams

Sporting predictions for 2020:

1. The Swannies to make the finals
2. Five UNSW EAP Students to achieve Olympic selection
3. Tilly McDonell to play several Super Netball games with the Giants

Something you wouldn't know about me: I have never read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter movie